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Cooperative Contracts Webinar

September 17, 2009

This Webinar focused on the power of cooperative contracts and group purchasing consortia to lower transaction costs, aggregate purchasing power and shift the marketplace toward environmentally preferable products.

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Attendees of the Cooperative Contracts Webinar learned:

  1. The basic structure of group purchasing consortia and cooperative contracts
  2. Benefits of joining a purchasing consortium
  3. Possible hurdles of engaging in cooperative contracts

Attendees also heard detailed case studies about the following purchasing consortia:

  1. The West Michigan Sustainable Purchasing Consortium, a non-profit organization working to promote sustainable procurement in the Great Lakes area.
  2. U.S. Communities, a national non-profit that works with public agencies to combine their purchasing power for environmentally preferable products.

The Webinar speakers consisted of:

  • Phillip Kobernick: RPN Fellow
  • Paula Levin: The Delta Institute
  • Mary Pelfrey: U.S. Communities