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Paint: Handy Facts

This section contains a collection of concise statistics about paint excerpted from the Guide.

  • The U.S. produces 16-35 million gallons of leftover consumer paint annually (PSI, 2004)

  • Safe paint disposal costs an average of $8 per gallon (PSI, 2004).

  • Less than half of leftover paint is properly managed and recycled (PSI, 2004).

  • In 2002, paint and coatings manufacturers released 7,000 tons of VOCs during the manufacturing process (EPA, n.d.b).

  • In 2002, VOC emissions from the use of paint and coatings products were estimated at 2 million tons(EPA, n.d.b).

  • Environmentally preferable water-based paints have increased in market share to over 80% (PSI, 2004; EPA, n.d.b).

  • The Portland Metro Government recycles more than 100,000 gallons of paint annually (Green California, n.d.).

  • 14 manufacturers offer Green Seal GS-11 certified paint products.

  • The GS-43 standard for recycled-content paint was collaboratively developed by over 60 diverse stakeholders.

  •  The U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground saves $60,000 annually by using environmentally preferable paint (US EPA EPP, 1999).

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