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Americans Want Environmentally Responsible Communities

January 29, 2008


Most Americans believe local efforts to be environmentally responsible will pay dividends for their communities by attracting new businesses and development, creating “green collar jobs” and boosting the local economy, according to a new United States Conference of Mayors/Zogby poll.

The survey revealed strong support for community initiatives that focus on the environment. More than half – 56 percent– believe their local government should “go green” and make environmentally friendly and energy efficient changes throughout their local community, even if they may have to significantly change their lifestyle.

A majority of those surveyed also agreed that adopting more environmentally friendly policies will have a positive impact on the local economy.  Furthermore, respondents believed green technology will create new local jobs, and 66 percent said that going green would make their communities better places to live. Nearly half (48%) say they would be willing to pay higher taxes if the increase would fund environmentally friendly improvements in their community.

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