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Break the Bottled Water Habit

October 11, 2007

Source: Responsible Purchasing Network

About 90% of Americans have easy access to safe, clean tap water, and estimates show that bottled water is a whopping 240 to 10,000 times more expensive.

The wave of bottled drinking water is awash in environmental impacts, from the energy used in production and delivery, to the tons of discarded plastic bottles.

It’s expensive, wasteful, and largely redundant. Yet, sales are booming.

Institutional purchasers are seeking solutions to this burdensome bottled water buying. So the Responsible Purchasing Network has drawn together some of the best resources and guidance to help organizations kick the bottled water habit.

Our new Responsible Purchasing Guide for Bottled Water is now online and free to the public. Click through to our website to learn how San Francisco banned government procurement of bottled water; Salt Lake City is working with businesses to voluntarily kick the bottle; and New York City is promoting public awareness of tap water safety.

Are you ready to kick the bottled water habit in your own life? Sign the Center for a New American Dream’s C3 Pledge by clicking here.

Read the Responsible Purchasing Guide to Bottled Water by clicking here.

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