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RPN and USDN Issue Sustainable Procurement Playbook for Cities

October 31, 2016

Source: RPN

RPN and the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN) partnered to develop The Buck Starts Here: A Sustainble Procurement Playbook for Cities. The playbook is aimed at sustainability directors and city teams interested in launching or strengthening sustainable purchasing effort. 

This Sustainable Procurement Playbook provides practical advice, best practices, resources, and tools to help cities with their sustainable procurement efforts.

  • Chapter 1 provides an introduction to sustainable procurement.

  • Chapter 2 focuses on how to make the business case for sustainable procurement.

  • Chapters 3 and 4 describe how to develop a sustainable procurement policy and how to build, implement, and sustain successful sustainable program.

  • Chapters 5, 6, and 7 provide practical tools and examples for doing a spend analysis, setting priorities, creating contracts, and tracking and reporting results.

  • Chapters 8, 9, and 10 provide real world examples of how to undertake and leverage sustainable procurement activities in three high-impact product categories: electronics, fleet vehicles, and building materials. 

Download the full report here

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