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Member Spotlight: City of San Francisco Releases SF Approved Green Products List

July 22, 2010


SF Approved List Website - Beta Version Rollout

Welcome to the New, Improved SF Approved List!

We are proud to present the beta version of the SF Approved List, a compilation of products, services, and (eventually) ecolabels that meet the health and environmental standards of the City & County of San Francisco.

SF Approved is a project of the San Francisco Department of the Environment, which is charged with implementing the City's Precautionary Purchasing Ordinance.  The Ordinance requires us to work with City departments to develop "approved alternatives lists" of environmentally friendly products.  We strive to use the best available science to assess environmental and health impacts, while also facilitating a robust conversation with City users about product performance.  After all, a "green" product isn't worth much if it doesn't work!

The Ordinance also requires City departments to buy from these lists.  We've tried to make things easier for City users by tagging all products as REQUIRED, SUGGESTED, LIMITED USE, or PROHIBITED.  For a full explanation of what these terms mean, click here.

Please note: This is an "early beta" version of the website.

That means we haven't gotten all the kinks out.  We very much welcome any suggestions or corrections, especially from SF staff.  We plan to continue developing and improving SF Approved into the Fall.

In the old days (that is, before this week), we spent an awful lot of time updating, correcting, cutting, pasting, and struggling with the spreadsheet version of the SF Approved List.  It took a lot of time that we could have been spending on product specifications, working with City departments, and collaborating on national product standards.  Those days, happily, will soon be over.

For more, vist SF Approved.

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