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Green Seal Issues Environmental Standard for Restaurants and Food Services

April 21, 2009

Source: Green Seal

RPN wishes to pass on the following announcement from Green Seal:


After just over a year of development, the new Green Seal Environmental Standard for Restaurants and Food Services, GS-46, is complete and is now available for applications for Green Seal certification:

The following are the highlights of the new standard:

  • Based on life-cycle research in operations across the country so that an operation that meets the requirements is making a meaningful, and measureable, environmental improvement. 
  • Responsible food purchase requirements including total food, animal-based products, coffee, and seafood. 
  • Energy conservation performance requirements with flexibility on how to achieve them.
  • Water conservation requirements, including the use of water-efficient fixtures and best practices. 
  • Waste reduction requirements with flexibility on how to achieve them. 
  • Minimum waste diversion requirements, including recycling and composting. 
  • Pollution prevention requirements, including a range from air quality to cleaning. 
  • Organizational and operational support requirements to reinforce commitment and ensure long-term effectiveness of the program.

In addition, Green Seal is in the final procedural steps of complying with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements for developing an American National Standard (ANS). Such a designation may permit broader use and distribution of the standard. The ANSI process includes a final public review.  The general standard development process, as well as the appeals process for those who may object to the final standard, are available on Green Seal’s web site at:

Green Seal is now accepting applications for certification to GS-46: Green Seal certification involves a Green Seal technical staff review of data and information for compliance to the standard’s requirements. A site visit is then conducted to evaluate the practices and control procedures. This ensures that the operation can continue to meet the requirements. If the operation meets the Green Seal standard, it will be awarded the Green Seal. The seal may be used at the operation, in advertising, promotional materials, catalogs, and in operation/business descriptions.

Once certified, operations are subject to annual monitoring to ensure that they continue to meet the standard. Any deviation is immediately brought to the operation’s attention and corrective action must be instituted within an appropriate time. Non-compliance may result in termination of the manufacturer's privilege to carry the Green Seal.

Thank you for your interest and time to help develop this new standard, and we look forward to helping food-service operations make significant environmental improvements through this standard.

Cheryl Baldwin, Ph.D.
Vice President of Science and Standards
Green Seal




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