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Office Depot Launches Tech Trade-In Program

September 11, 2008


Office Depot is launching a new Tech Trade-In program that offers incentives for consumers to recycle small- to medium-size electronics.  The company, an RPN member, is partnering with ecoNEW to offer Office Depot gift cards for customers who recycle their home electronics through the program.

The program also comes with a “no export and no landfill” guarantee. Office Depot pledges that all electronic equipment received will either be recycled or reconditioned, not landfilled or shipped overseas to E-waste dumping areas.

The Tech Trade-In program will accept LCD monitors, LCD TVs, digital cameras, desktop and laptop computers, gaming systems, MP3 players, camcorders, Smartphones, PDAs, and printers. Consumers can go to the Tech Trade-In site and enter their address and list the products they wish to recycle.  The site then generates a free shipping label to ship the items to a recycling center. Once the center receives the items, an Office Depot gift card is mailed to the customer, in an amount based on the items' recycle trade-in value.


Before you recycle the old and purchase the new, check out RPN's Responsible Purchasing Guides for detailed info on going green with computers, office electronics and more.

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