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Growth in Bottled Water Industry Starting to Drain

September 09, 2008

Source: Worldwatch Institute

The bottled water industry is slowing down, thanks in part to increased awareness about the ecological and economic costs of bottled water. according to the Worldwatch Institute.

A report from the Beverage Marketing Corporation projects the US market to grow 6.7 percent in 2008, the smallest increase this decade.  The industry’s growth has been leveling off the past two years.  Worldwatch cites Corporate Accountability International’s (CAI) “Think Outside the Bottle” and other international campaigns as instrumental in raising awareness of the social and environmental costs of bottled water and contributing to a curb in consumer demand.

Since CAI's campaign launched in 2006, at least 60 US cities have phased out or reduced bottled water. In June, a majority of the 250 mayors at the annual US Conference of Mayors supported a resolution to “phase out, where feasible, government use of bottled water and promote the importance of municipal water.”

Along with municipalities, Worldwatch reports that over the past year, several restaurants, natural food stores, and schools have also switched from bottled water to tap water for economic, environmental, or social justice reasons. 

This summer, New American Dream partnered with CAI to produce the Responsible Purchasing Guide to Bottled Water Alternatives, designed to equip communities, purchasers, and stakeholders with the tools they need to reduce their bottled water consumption and switch back to tap water.

Click here to download the Responsible Purchasing Guide to Bottled Water Alternatives and view presentations and video from the recent bottled water alternatives webinar.

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