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RPN & U.S. Communities Join to Promote Green Products on Group Contracts

August 14, 2008

Source: Responsible Purchasing Network

What do you get when you combine RPN's green purchasing programs with the aggregated influence of over 87,000 buyers?  A powerful new resource for finding and buying credible green products through competitively bid group contracts. 

U.S. Communities provides a national purchasing forum for local and state government agencies, school districts (K-12), higher education and non-profits nationwide by pooling the purchasing power of over 87,000 public agencies. These buyers are currently eligible to utilize seventeen group contracts facilitated by U.S. Communities and solicited by independent agencies such as Fairfax County, Virginia and Dallas County, Texas. 

RPN is excited to partner with U.S. Communities to identify and promote the products on their contracts that meet independent, third-party green standards such as those created by Green Seal. We will kick off the program by identifying the Green Seal certified cleaning products available on the U.S. Communities with Zep Superior Solutions. Once the program is in place, RPN members will be able to search our green products database and quickly identify which cleaning products are available on the Zep contract, download the contract, and request contact from a sales rep to set up an account. It'll be that easy!

To celebrate this powerful new green initiative, RPN will be revising, updating and expanding our popular Responsible Purchasing Guide for Cleaners. Stay tuned for updates about how to find Zep’s Green Seal-certified cleaning products and access the U.S. Communities group contract via the RPN website. In the meantime, visit the U.S. Communities website to learn more about their Going Green program.

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