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Seattle Reins In Bottled Water

June 04, 2008

Source: Seattle Times

Seattle's Mayor Nickels is promoting a “drink up” campaign to get city residents to turn from environmentally damaging bottled water to tap.  In March, Nickels directed the city to stop buying bottled water for municipal offices and functions, estimating it could save taxpayers as much as $57,000 a year.  In May, he launched a high profile campaign to wean city residents from the bottle as well.

Nickels kicked off the campaign by displaying a five-foot-tall stack of water bottles and 56 oil barrels at a centrally-located city park.  The stack of water bottles represented the number of empty bottles that end up in the city’s garbage every 37 minutes. The oil barrels represented the amount of oil consumed to make and transport the bottled water that Seattle consumes in 12 hours.

“Americans used 60 billion pint bottles of water last year,” said Nickels. “That required 1 million tons of plastic and generated 2.5 million tons of greenhouse gases.”  Seattle residents use the equivalent of about 354,000 pint bottles of water each day—needing 41,000 barrels of oil to produce and creating 5,400 tons of greenhouse gases.

The mayor said buying bottled water also costs 2,400 times as much as drinking tap water, without offering superior quality. To help educate Seattle residents about the purity of their tap water, they will receive a water report card in the mail, explaining the results of quality tests.

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