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San Jose Uses EPEAT to Green Electronics Purchases

May 12, 2008

Source: Green Technology Magazine

Green Technology Magazine recently featured the City of San Jose’s pioneering use of EPEAT as a tool for greening their electronics purchasing.

In last month’s issue, the magazine details how, just as San Jose was committing to green their electronic purchases and begin researching the availability of greener computers and other office electronics, they were boosted by the development of the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT).  RPN assisted in the development of this tool.
San Jose immediately grasped the utility of EPEAT, and became the first city in the nation to include an EPEAT specification in their electronics equipment contracts.  Between June 2006 and September 2007, the City purchased 1,015 desktop computer and 1,042 monitors, all with EPEAT Silver ratings.  Over the life cycle of these products, San Jose’s estimated environmental savings will exceed five tons of hazardous waste and 800,000 KWh of energy usage—the equivalent of 75 U.S. households’ annual power consumption.  The purchase will also reduce green house gas emissions by 67 metric tons of carbon equivalent – the same as removing 53 cars from the road for a year. All while reducing costs by more than $70,000.

San Jose’s IR manager, Cameron Cleland, added for the article: “The EPEAT specification didn’t limit our choices in any way that mattered.  Most of the major manufacturers have many products registered – and there is enough diversity of EPEAT-qualified products that we had no problem meeting our needs.”

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