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Calculate Your Computers' Environmental Impact

May 12, 2008


Use two new online calculators to add up the benefits of greening your office computers. Click through to the web-based edition of our Responsible Purchasing Guide for Computers and download the EPEAT and ENERGY STAR calculators.

Use the EPEAT calculator to estimate energy use, virgin material use, carbon dioxide emissions, air emissions, water emissions, toxic materials, solid and hazardous waste, and cost saving. Use the ENERGY STAR calculator to estimate electricity and cost savings from ENERGY STAR computers compared to non-ENERGY STAR.

When used in connection with the Responsible Purchasing Guide for Computers, these calculators help users quantify impacts and cost savings and make the case for going green with office electronics.

For more info on greening your computers, see the Responsible Purchasing Guide for Computers.

Click here to go directly to the calculators.


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