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RPN is Expanding Its Green Hardware Supplies Project
The Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN) is seeking partners to participate in its Green Hardware Supplies Project, which helps government agencies, public institutions, and businesses identify and purchase environmentally preferable hardware supplies. More More
Recording Now Available for RPN's Webinar: Green Hardware Supplies
Learn how "green" hardware supplies can yield environmental, health, and economic benefits to your operations. More More
RPN Hosted Webinar: Green Chemistry in Action: Spotlight on the OR-WA Green Cleaning Supplies Contract
Webinar to learn about the nation's largest cooperative purchasing agreement for environmentally preferable janitorial supplies. More More
Recording Now Available for RPN's Webinar: Best Practices: Tracking Recycled Paper
Learn strategies for gathering, interpreting, and presenting information on recycled paper purchases. More More
NEW Fair Trade Purchasing Guides and Webinar Recording Available
One easy way purchasing agents can expand their organization's sustainable procurement program beyond buying green products is by sourcing fair trade-certified coffee, tea, sugar and cocoa. More More
Recording Now Available for RPN's Webinar: Green Purchasing for Schools: Save Money and Reduce Your Environmental Footprint
This back-to-school webinar from RPN and the Green Schools Initiative explains how schools can specify and find affordable products that will reduce waste and pollution, save energy and water, and safeguard health. More More
Recording Now Available for RPN's Webinar: Advancing Safer Chemistry in Government Procurement
Federal, state, and local policies are increasingly requiring government agencies to purchase less toxic products. More More
Slides Now Available for RPN's Webinar: Spotlight on EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE) Program
For over 15 years, the U.S. EPA's DfE Program has worked with a broad range of stakeholdersto help manufacturers choose the safest possible ingredients and to help consumers find safer products. More More
Recording Now Available for RPN's Webinar: Public Procurement of Energy-Efficient Products: Lessons from Around the World
Representatives of the World Bank, U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR Program and DC's procurement office discussed key elements of a successful program for procuring energy-efficient products. More More
RPN Participates in San Mateo County's Sustainable Purchasing Training Series
In February 2012, San Mateo County, CA hosted a Sustainable Purchasing Training Series featuring RPN. The series was designed for local governments in San Mateo County, but is useful for anyone with purchasing decisions to make. More More
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