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Purchasing for Climate Protection Webinar, featuring Now Available
RPN Members now have access to the webinar slides and recording, which featured useful strategies on how to cut greenhouse gas emissions through purchasing. More More
New and Improved Paper Standards Chart
RPN's latest publication, a Paper Standards Comparison Chart, has been revised based on member feedback to include more background information on different paper certifications. This revision will make the acquisition of environmentally preferable paper easier by providing a clearer picture of the eco-labels that certify them. More More
Buying Environmentally Preferable Paper: Is it Worth the Investment?
Read RPN's Phillip Kobernick's article in Corporate United Quarterly on how your business can buy greener paper and still lower costs. More More
Office Depot Helping Customers Distinguish "Shades of Green"
RPN member Office Depot is using a new "Shades of Green" labeling program to improve transparency and help institutional purchasers gauge the greenness of their purchases. More More
New Law Makes Washington State's Paper Usage Leaner, Greener
A law signed into effect in early May mandates reduced paper use, full recycling, and 100% recycled content paper for Washington state agencies and college campuses. More More
EcoLogo Seeks Comments for Revision of Paper Standards
EcoLogo is seeking public comments as it reviews its standards for Printing and Writing Paper (CCD-077) and Uncoated Mechanical Printing Paper (CCD-078). More More
One Click Cooperative Contracts for Recycle Paper and Green Cleaners
Looking for competitive bids on recycled office paper or green cleaners? These products are now directly linked to U.S. Communities' cost-saving cooperative contracts and searchable through our green products database. More More
Green Seal Calls for Comments on Revision of Sanitary Paper Products Standard
Green Seal seeks to create a more comprehensive standard for sanitary paper products, covering facial and bathroom tissues, toilet seat covers, paper towels, napkins, paper placemats and table coverings. More More
Updated Responsible Purchasing Guide for Copy Paper
The guide now includes Paper Steps, the new hierarchy of environmentally preferable papers created by the Environmental Paper Network. More More
RONA's New Wood Products Procurement Policy Garners Greenpeace Praise
Canadian home improvement giant, RONA, is being hailed as a "leader in forest sustainability" by Greenpeace for its new wood products procurement policy. More More
Join RPN at EcoBuild
Visit our booth at EcoBuild Fall 2008 in Washington, DC. RPN members receive free exhibit hall passes and discount conference registration. More More
New ENERGY STAR @ Work Web Tool Helps Offices Go Green
EPA's new ENERGY STAR @ work is an interactive, online tool that offers employees, employers, and building managers tips on how to save energy and protect the environment at work. More More
New Website Lets Purchasers Pinpoint Responsible Paper, a new website sponsored by the Environmental Paper Network, uses Google Maps to help paper purchasers find responsible pulp mills. More More
Minnesota Saves Money on Green Paper
The State of Minnesota increased its supply of both greenbacks and green paper when it converted a substantial portion of its copy paper to 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) paper. More More
Buy Green Copy Paper and Keep Costs Down
RPN’s new Responsible Purchasing Guide for Copy Paper will show you how to cost-effectively purchase green copy paper.  View the Guide and download presentations and video from our July 22 webinar. More More
Webinar: Greening Your Copy Paper - Register Today!
Copy paper is one of the first products selected by green purchasers - and for good reason! Producing paper consumes trees, water, and energy and creates hazardous waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Sign up now for this July 22 webinar on green More More
OSU Students Demand Sustainable Paper Policy
Students at Ohio State University are pressuring the university to commit to a sustainable purchasing policy. More More
Staples Cuts Ties to Suspect Paper Supplier
Office supply giant Staples has severed all contracts with Asia Pulp & Paper out of concern for APP's Indonesian logging. More More
RPN Helps Congress Green Up
The U.S. House of Representatives, with the help of RPN, is taking a step to significantly cut its energy consumption and save forest resources by switching from copy paper made from virgin wood to 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper. More More
Harvard Sustainability Roundtable Presentations Available Online
RPN program manager Matt Kittell presented on copy paper certifications at the Harvard Sustainability Roundtable on August 10. To view his PowerPoint presentation and other presentations, visit the  More More
Xerox Launches "Green" Business Paper
Xerox launched a business paper made with fewer chemicals and energy and half as many trees. Though the paper is cheaper and greener, the lower quality may deter purchasers looking for sturdier papers. More More