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Recording Now Available for RPN's Webinar: Public Procurement of Energy-Efficient Products: Lessons from Around the World
Representatives of the World Bank, U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR Program and DC's procurement office discussed key elements of a successful program for procuring energy-efficient products. More More
RPN Develops Purchasing Guidance for NASPO
RPN is developing purchasing guidance for NASPO in several product categories.Aimed at helping states procure environmentally preferable products and services, each guidance document will address green point weighting, minimum requirements, green certifications and standards, product selction, lifecycle costs, and more. More More
Recording and Slides Now Available for RPN's Webinar: Green Purchasing for Existing Buildings
During this webinar, RPN reviewed green alternatives for commonly used building maintenance products such as paint, janitorial supplies, and lighting fixtures and lamps and focused on how greener choices within these product categories can help increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, improve indoor air quality, and in many cases, produce cost savings! More More
Register Early for FEMP's Free Webinar: Energy-Efficient Product Procurement
First Thursday Seminars are FEMP training opportunities targeting Federal energy, environmental, and fleet professionals offered at no cost by leading experts. More More
Purchasing for Climate Protection Webinar, featuring Now Available
RPN Members now have access to the webinar slides and recording, which featured useful strategies on how to cut greenhouse gas emissions through purchasing. More More
Director's Corner: The Promise and Perils of Eco-Labels
Eco-labels can be an incredibly useful tool for purchasers. It isn't always easy to ascertain if one product is more "green" than another or if its environmental claims are true. Eco-labels can help facilitate the procurement of responsible products because, when credible, they provide an objective authentication of environmental assertions and ensure products meet varying environmental and human health requirements. More More
U.S. Tightens Requirements for Energy Star Certification
After critical audits, the federal government said Wednesday that it would substantially tighten the certification process for products bearing the Energy Star label, its stamp of approval for an energy-efficient product. More More
Director's Corner: Executive Order Promotes Federal Green Purchasing
We could be forgiven for thinking the following text was extracted from an RPN rather than a White House press release: "[I]ncrease energy efficiency; reduce fleet petroleum consumption; conserve water; reduce waste; support sustainable communities; and leverage... purchasing power to promote environmentally-responsible products and technologies." More More
Supermarkets Turn to LEDs to Save Energy and Boost Sales
Grocers are finding that LED lighting not only saves energy and money, it also makes for more vibrant, attractive displays. More More
California Initiates Nation's First Carbon Fee on Polluting Industries
The State of California has approved the nation's first carbon fee on polluting industries, a new energy plan and more stringent controls of chemically-created consumer products. More More
Capitol greens: Fed Agencies Achieving Green Purchasing Goals
The requirement that federal agencies purchase green electronics has been one of the most readily accepted acquisition changes in the government in recent history. More More
Schools Cool Down with Energy Saving Measures
Educational facilities from colleges to grade schools are saving money and cutting carbon by implementing sustainable measures that range from lighting retrofits to green roofs. More More
Download LED Purchasing Guide
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are extremely efficient lighting products that can create energy cost savings for any organization. LEDs have many applications. Learn three ways your organization can take advantage of LEDs with the Responsible Purchasing Guide for LED Exit Signs, Street Lights, and Traffic Signals. More More
AT&T California Cuts Fleet Emissions by Over 300 Metric Tons
105 alternative-fuel vehicles and other energy savings measures helped AT&T make big emission cuts in 2008. More More
Download Carbon Offsets Purchasing Guide
RPN and have partnered to produce a Responsible Purchasing Guide for Carbon Offsets to help organizations make smart choices that allow them reach their carbon reduction goals. More More
State and Local Governments Helping Area Manufacturers Go Green
Wisconsin and San Antonio are each launching initiatives to push area manufacturers toward innovation and adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency. More More
Register Now: RPN's LED Webinar
Attend the August 19th RPN Webinar for LED Exit Signs, Street Lights, and Traffic Signals and learn about three ways your organization can cut energy use and save money with super efficient LEDs. More More
New Energy Star Specifications for Computer Equipment
On July 1st, 2009, Energy Star Version 5.0 Specification for Computer Equipment went into effect. Manufacturers must comply with these new regulations in order to receive Energy Star certification. More More
EPA Announces $10 Million Climate Change Initiatives Grant
The U.S. EPA has a new competitive grant program for local and tribal governments that want to establish and implement climate change initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their communities. More More
Seattle, Others to Use Stimulus to Switch on Energy-Efficient LEDs
Seattle is one of several U.S. cities planning to use federal stimulus funds to retrofit streetlights with energy- and cost-efficient LEDs. More More
Pew Launches Climate TechBook
A new online resource from the Pew Center provides information on technologies to help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across five key sectors: electricity, transportation, industrial, residential and commercial, and agriculture. More More
Washington U. Unveils One of America's Greenest Buildings
At the end of May, Washington University in St. Louis--a member of RPNRPN--officially opened its new Living Learning Center, a building on the cutting edge of sustainable design. More More
Oberlin College Cutting Grass and Emissions with Veggie Oil Mower
By converting its lawn tractor from diesel to waste vegetable oil from campus dining halls, the sustainability-oriented Ohio college is cutting emissions and fuel costs along with the grass. More More
New Calculators Quantify Benefits of Pollution Prevention
The Responsible Purchasing Guide for Green Power new features two new calculators developed by EPA's Pollution Prevention (P2) Program to quantify emissions reductions and financial savings from implementing P2 activities. More More
Cities Cutting Costs and Lowering Emissions With LED Lighting
According to a May 30 article in the New York Times, the future of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting is, well, bright. The declining cost and dramatically superior energy efficiency of LED lighting is bringing it out of the shadows and into mainstream use. More More
EPA Announces Energy Star Label for Computer Servers
For the first time, EPA announced Energy Star requirements for computer servers that will protect the environment and result in significant energy savings. More More
New York Bidding to Become Sunshine State
Two new solar projects--for a combined 150 MW potential--are poised to give New York State's power grid a sunnier disposition. More More
Snohomish County Plans to Fuel Cars With Canola
RPN member, Snohomish County, is moving ahead with an ambitious plan to "homebrew" its own fuel, by drying, storing, and crushing canola seed to produce biodiesel. More More
Coming Soon: Carbon Offsets Purchasing Guide
In a bind over offset options? Help is on the way. The Responsible Purchasing Network has partnered with to produce a Carbon Offsets Purchasing Guide, scheduled for release in May. The guide will outline the environmental impacts of various offset options, so your organization can get the most abatement for your buck. More More
EPA Announces Stricter Energy Star Standards for Monitors, Electronic Displays
Come October 30th, computer monitors, digital picture frames, and other electronic displays will have to meet stricter standards to qualify for the Energy Star label. More More
EPA Recognizes Connecticut as One of Nation's Top Green Power Purchasers
The State of Connecticut has been named one of only three states making EPA's top 50 list of national Green Power Partners. This year, Connecticut will purchase more than 98 million kilowatt-hours of green power--enough to meet 17 percent of the state's purchased electricity use. More More
San Francisco Bay Area Mayors Sign Climate Change Compact
Earlier this month, the mayors of the San Francisco Bay area's three largest cities--San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose--signed a regional agreement outlining joint goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. More More
L.A. Streets Will Soon be Illuminated by LEDs
Los Angeles is saving money and cutting emissions by switching its 140,000 streetlight fixtures to LED units over the next five years with help from the Clinton Climate Initiative. More More
Timex Installs 800 Solar Panels to Keep Connecticut HQ Ticking
Timex isn't reverting to sundials, but the company is turning to the sun to power its Middlebury headquarters with one of the Northeast's largest ground-mounted solar arrays. More More
Green Electronics Council Joins Forces with EcoLogo
The creator of EPEAT has teamed with EcoLogo to facilitate the certification and promotion of green electronics. More More
Northeastern States Develop Low Carbon Fuel Standard
Eleven Northeastern states are developing a regional Low Carbon Fuel Standard to reduce the carbon concentration in fuels. More More
Call to Participate in New EPEAT Standards Development
Electronic equipment purchasers are being asked to help develop new EPEAT standards for Imaging Equipment and TVs. More More
California Saves Big Through Energy Efficiency
Thirty-five years worth of efficiency measures have saved California about $56 billion in electricity costs and created 1.5 million jobs, according to a new study. More More
Join RPN at EcoBuild
Visit our booth at EcoBuild Fall 2008 in Washington, DC. RPN members receive free exhibit hall passes and discount conference registration. More More
New Jersey Plans Off-Shore Wind Farm
The State of New Jersey has approved an offshore wind farm and plans to triple the amount of wind power it uses by 2020. More More
Chicago Unveils Comprehensive Emissions Reduction Plan
Chicago plans to implement the most aggressive plan by any major American city to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. More More
EDF Website Lets Purchasers Buy Carbon Offsets With Confidence
Environmental Defense Fund has launched a new website,, to help institutions and individuals identify and purchase carbon offsets linked to tangible, trusted projects. More More
New ENERGY STAR @ Work Web Tool Helps Offices Go Green
EPA's new ENERGY STAR @ work is an interactive, online tool that offers employees, employers, and building managers tips on how to save energy and protect the environment at work. More More
San Francisco Cuts Carbon Footprint
The City of San Francisco has cut greenhouse gas emissions by 5 percent from 1990 levels and is on track to cut emissions 20 percent in four years. More More
Utah Goes to 4-Day Workweek to Save Energy
In a yearlong experiment aimed at reducing the state's energy costs, Utah is set to become the first state to switch to a four-day workweek for thousands of government employees. More More
RPN Helps Wisconsin, City of Cambridge Buy Green Power
With RPN's assistance, the State of Wisconsin and City of Cambridge, MA recently concluded significant purchases of green power, buying 90,000 MWh wind power and 10,000 MWh in renewable energy credits, respectively. More More
Metro DC Governments Become Carbon Conscious Communities
Washington DC area governments are banding together to share procurement strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through New American Dream’s Carbon Conscious Communities (C3) initiative. More More
Mayors Propose Resolution on High Carbon Fuels
NRDC is urging support for a proposed U.S. Conference of Mayors energy resolution to create lifecycle fuels emissions analyses concerning the production of synthetic fuels such as tar sands, liquid coal and oil shale. More More
New Responsible Purchasing Guide: Green Power
RPN's new Responsible Purchasing Guide for Green Power includes model energy policies and contract specifications; information on Green-e En More More
Green-e to Begin Certification of Carbon Offsets
Green-e Climate is ready to begin certification of greenhouse gas emission reduction products for the purpose of providing carbon offsets to the public. More More
Intel Becomes Top Renewable Energy Buyer
Intel to buy more than 1.3 billion kilowatt hours a year of renewable energy certificates, thus becoming the largest corporate purchaser of green power in the U.S. More More
Solar Powered Super Bowl
This year’s Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, will be the first ever powered completely with gren power by using solar, wind and geo-thermal energy to offset the greenhouse gas emissions. More More
RPN Product Listings Get Significant Updates
RPN is happy to announce we have made considerable updates to the product listings for several Responsible Purchasing Guides. These changes include new search criteria, updated listings, expanded EPEAT and Energy Star information, and for the Fleet Guide; More More
RPN Helps Congress Green Up
The U.S. House of Representatives, with the help of RPN, is taking a step to significantly cut its energy consumption and save forest resources by switching from copy paper made from virgin wood to 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper. More More
Pennsylvania becomes Top State Green Power Purchaser
On October 23, 2007, Governor Edward B. Rendell announced that Pennsylvania is now purchasing enough green power to cover nearly 30 percent of the electricity needed for government operations. This exceeds the Commonwealth's goal of 20 percent green p More More
Center for a New American Dream Recognized for Purchasing Green Power
As part of its commitment to green power, the Center for a New American Dream, RPN's parent organization, has been recognized by the Clean Energy Rewards Program of Montgomery County, Maryland. The Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) purchased by New More More
Energy-Efficient Chip Unveiled
The Quad-Core Opteron processor was recently unveiled by Advanced Micro Devices. The new chip is designed to be more energy efficient; More More
Cities Reducing Greenhouse Gases
The U.S. Conference of Mayors just released a survey highlighting proactive steps U.S. mayors are taking to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The 130 cities surveyed are pursuing a multitude of actions aimed at conserving energy, using energy more ef More More
Green-e Certifies Shell's RECs
The Center for Resource Solutions announced today that Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) offered by Shell Trading (Coral Energy Holding L.P.) are now Green-e certified. Shell Trading joins the network of renewable energy providers who offer products certifi More More