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Single Car Comparison - Step 1
Single Car Comparison

Are you thinking about purchasing a hybrid vehicle for your fleet, but aren’t sure what the benefits are and whether the higher purchase price is worth it? This HEV Fleet Cost and Benefit Calculator Tool will allow you to compare the lifetime costs and air emissions of a hybrid to those of a conventional vehicle.

The conventional model cars in this list have full price information for the 2008 model year. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions are calculated for conventional cars. Please note that there are no emissions factors from conventional vehicles for carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, and hydrocarbons. As a result, the default emissions for these pollutants from conventional vehicles is equal to zero. Please use our default list of 2008 model year vehicles for full emissions data.

Step 1: Choose your vehicles or use our list for comparison

Hybrid Model Standard Model
Emissions Level