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Single Car Comparison - Step 1
Single Car Comparison

Are you thinking about purchasing a hybrid vehicle for your fleet, but aren’t sure what the benefits are and whether the higher purchase price is worth it? This HEV Fleet Cost and Benefit Calculator Tool will allow you to compare the lifetime costs and air emissions of a hybrid to those of a conventional vehicle.

In the first menu, you will choose a hybrid vehicle and a comparison conventional fleet vehicle. If you would like to select a different fleet vehicle, click here or on the "enter your own" link below. Emissions data are available for the list of default 2008 model year fleet vehicles. In all cases, you can override the default cost values, which are projections from national fleet data, with your own localized information.

Please click on the field names to get more information where applicable.

Step 1: Choose your vehicles or enter your own for comparison

Hybrid Model Standard Model
Emissions Level